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E-Cards for Valentine’s Day

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

I decided to send my husband an e-card for valentine’s day and started looking at all the different  free online cards available.  There were so many and so many great ones that I thought I should make a post about my finds to spread the love and share them with others.  I have loosely categorized the cards as well.  All of the cards I’m listing are free and quick ways to tell someone you love them or maybe maybe just make someone laugh.

Here are some cool pulp fiction cards.

If you like something a little more sweet and vintage, here are  Victorian valentines.

I liked these hipster cards mostly because they have some gay valentines and I haven’t seen these very often, but they have plenty of other types of cards too.

If you’re more into humor here’s a site with great, funny e-cards, someecards.  Some really walk the line and could land you in the dog house if you’re not careful.

Let’s say you are the romantic type.  Here are the perfect snarky e-cards for you from Blunt Cards. PS. These cards are better for those of you who aren’t in a relationship and want to send something funny to a friend.  If you do send these to your partner, your partner better have a pretty good sense of humor.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!