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Brass Monkey + Small-scale Upholstery

Friday, July 9th, 2010

This week I’m working on a small-scale upholstery project, which is what I’m calling it when part of a piece of furniture needs to be reupholstered but not the entire piece is damaged.  I will show you in a later post next week that it is possible to reupholster part of a piece of furniture with very little cost, a small amount of time and materials that are easy to work with, but the results are BIG.  Super stylish, custom furniture!  I need to do some measuring and draft a pattern (don’t be intimidated by this. I’ll show you just how simple it really is).  While I’m working out the details and getting the project together for my upholstery post for next week let’s make some cocktails!

You know that Beastie Boys song called Brass Monkey?  It’s always been one of my favorites tunes by the BBoys.  Here is the recipe for the cocktail that this song is named after:

Brass Monkey
1/2 oz
1/2 oz
4 oz
orange juice

Mix the rum and vodka together and stir gently in a glass with ice. Pour in the orange juice, and stir well. Enjoy!
Now that you’ve made your drink, sit back, crank up the BBoys song Brass Monkey and let’s ponder and scheme on our mini upholstery projects.
by jen