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New No School Art Schools for your kids!

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

DIY Lounge is absolutely thrilled to have some exciting new kid’s camps available for your youngsters!

Our innovative instructors provide youth with the most intriguing curriculum yet!

While the kids are out of school, Art School is IN SESSION. Jennifer Wells Design, DIY Lounge and a wide variety of local artist/teachers are teaming up to offer an amazingly comprehensive art program for kids age 6-12! This camp operates as three art workshops in one dynamic day. Children participate in unique art and music projects, art history education, and cultural diversity, while gaining insight into themselves and the world around them.

June 21- June 24

Oceans of Art

What are the boundaries of creativity when exploring what lives in the sea?  It seems the possibilities are endless! Sure, we will explore the wonderful world of real live sea creatures but why not also engage the fantastical? ocean monsters, shell people, and whatever other salt water creatures students can dream up will be represented en masse! We will make wee animals and surfers out of beach debris, redefine the limits of google eyes and take general charge of all other decorative materials.  Our students will learn how to make nautical sculptures from recycled materials. They will paint oceanic scenes with ease.  Fish soap?  Yup, that too. How can you say no?


August 23-26

Green Art For your Garden

Did you know that gardening is one the most popular hobbies for children as well as adults?  At this camp we’re taking a hobby one step further and making it art as well. Students will start by learning to build plant stakes made out of terra cotta.  How about a Toad Home?  Every garden needs a toad and every toad needs a home. Next, students will joyfully engage in the making of pinwheels.  These pinwheels are constructed from laminated paper and can be used on your bike, in the yard, or where ever else your heart desires.  Finally,  we’ll make sun prints and a fun frame to keep the art flowing . Stained glass stepping stones will pave the way to a greener garden, and students can use their green thumbs to make unique clocks with bottle caps filled with unique art and fabulous wood scraps from a cabinet maker. We’ll paint, glue, collage and construct our clocks as reminders that its always time to reduce, reuse and recycle.