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Archive for August 5th, 2011

Insights on Uncamp and Time Management

Friday, August 5th, 2011

I’ve been running Uncamp in my home now for most of the summer and generally it’s been going pretty well.  I did a follow up post about Uncamp, so this is my third post on the subject.  I am going to be honest and say that some days we haven’t done the program at all and other days we have.  What’s been interesting is that over time the content of the program has stuck but the hours haven’t.  I am not spending time from 9-10 doing x or y, but I am spending time each day thinking of new ideas and researching things.  I am spending way less time on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  Generally, I am spending less time on the things that I don’t want to spend my time on and more time doing the things I want to be doing (including work). 


I made it to the Rhododendron Garden with family this summer.  Before, I could never find the time.

My son is playing way less computer games than he would have if I hadn’t come up with a program like this.  He’s also getting more exercise and initiating more creative projects as well.  I think I said this in my last update, but he really likes the structure of our schedule.  Not that he’s doing certain activities at certain times, but he is referring to the schedule to see what sort of projects he’d like to do when he’s feeling bored.  He has told me on a few occasions that he really likes being able to see a list of things he can do, generally how long he can do it for and what various activities can earn him toward future computer game playing.

It’s funny because when I put together this plan in the back of my mind I had this little doubt.  It was coming to me from something else Leo Babauta had said about habits at the World Domination Summit, but I never mentioned it before now.  He said that you can really only expect to change one thing at a time and that each change takes 30 days, so doing more than one goal at a time can be problematic and hard to achieve.  I was well aware when I started Uncamp with my son that I was changing one big thing, which was the structure of Uncamp itself and that I was making many, many small changes too.  I knew that changing so many things could be challenging, even unsuccessful, but I felt that I needed to try anyway.

This is touching on what Chris Guillebeau said in his blog yesterday about thinking for yourself and that you don’t need to take other people’s advice. From what he said in his post it sounds like he gets a lot of questions and concerns from readers feeling that this cannot be good advice.  OK, quick side note: I do think it’s funny to get advice about not listening to advice and it makes perfect sense that a non-conformist such as Chris would advise people in this way. Having said this, I totally agree with him.  I do get advice from time to time, but it has to square with what I believe and want.  If it doesn’t, I typically reject or as in this case, keep it in the back of my mind to reassess later.  This is what I did with Leo’s tips on forming a habit.  I used the parts that worked for what I needed it for and breezed past the parts that weren’t as good of a fit for me.

I’m glad I listened to myself rather than taking every word as my dogma,
because if I had listened to every word I wouldn’t have tried something new like this
and I think this plan has been great for myself and for my son.

Once my son is back in school I plan to address the schedule again.  I have a really nerdy desire to make my own schedule – meaning that I want to make a template that is visually interesting and inspires me so that I can fill it in and get down to some serious time management on a bigger scale.

The purpose of time management is
managing your time so you can have more of it to spend as you choose.

Time management = Intention management

I want more down time and more creative time.  The more I’m able to manage the various activities I do the more I can choose what I spend my time on.  Time management is really about intention or choice management.  I have so many more ideas and projects I want to do.  No, that I will do!   Managing my time is critical to getting where I want to go.

Another shot from the Rhododendron Garden

by: jen