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Day 30: 31 Day Challenge – Yoga Pants to Bloomers

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

Recently I was going through my closet and found that I owned something like 10 pairs of yoga pants.  Many of them were ill-fitting in one way or another.  I decided I wanted to trick out a pair of my yoga pants and turn them into bloomers.

The first thing I did was to cut off the pants just below the knee.

Then I made 2 very long strips out of the cut off portion of the pants (lower portion of the pants).  I sort of estimated how long I wanted the strips to be.

Using my sewing machine I sewed a long (3.5) straight stitch with my sewing machine all the way on one end of the strips.  On the other side I serged all the way along the strip.  The reason for the straight stitch is so that it doesn’t stretch as I work with it.  The other end that was serged I wanted to stretch slightly to create a subtle ruffle effect.  Then I evenly spaced the strips and stitched them down to the bottom of the pants in a spiral fashion wrapping around the leg.

Day 30: Yoga Pants to Bloomers

Here are the finished bloomers, which I can wear by themselves or under skirts.  What do you think?  I like ’em.

In case you didn’t read my first blog post about this project . . . this post is part of a 31 day challenge I am doing to bring more creativity, stories and solutions to my life.  I have been using my creativity almost exclusively for work in the recent past and for the month of January I will creating things for my personal life, talking about them and taking pictures.I would love input from readers as to which project you enjoy the most and if I get enough comments on one particular project I’ll turn it into a tutorial after the 31 day challenge of crafting, stories and solutions is over.  So please let me know what you like!