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Day 22: 31 Day Challenge – Top Down View – Laundry Room Redux

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

My laundry room is an on-going issue in my home.  It is regularly gross and messy, so no wants to go in there and do laundry, so the laundry pile grows and on and on like that.  Clean laundry pile on one side and dirty laundry pile on the other side, with lots of miscellaneous mess in between.  What I find really frustrating is I clean it and then it’s a disaster all over again.  I realized that I wasn’t really being realistic about all of the different uses that I use my laundry room for and because of that it was becoming messy again and again.  I needed more order from the top down, so decided that I should take some time to plan out the different zones in my laundry room.  I measured the laundry room and graphed it out on paper, then I spent some time thinking about how to group all of the zones and make enough room for all the different areas.  Here are the uses that I considered for my laundry room.

Laundry room uses:

  1. washing and drying area
  2. housing dirty laundry
  3. laundry folding area
  4. clean laundry area
  5. Knot Ugly booth display and merchandise
  6. small tool area
  7. gift wrapping area
  8. canned food area/overflow food area
  9. paper crafts
  10. fabric area
  11. overflow craft area

I added each of the areas to the graphing paper along with other details.  Then I got to work with a friend, who is a great organizer.  I worked out a trade with my friend and she was able to help me tackle the laundry room in about 4 hours.  I think having a friend help you with project that you have been avoiding is a great way to get the job done pretty painlessly and quickly.

You can see what a mess it was.  The laundry room had gotten to that point where it’s hard to put things away or use the space properly because things were exploding out of everywhere.

Here is another perspective of the mess, before we really got a handle on it.  Because I had a plan it was really easy for my friend to come over and help me and everything had a place where it belonged.

Day 22: Top Down View Laundry Room Redux

Here’s the reorganized laundry room.  This area is probably the most important area.  In the upper tubs I have linens.  In the lower tubs I put clean, but unfolded laundry.  This keeps the laundry folding table free from clutter and ready for use.   When the clean, but unfolded bins are full as they are now, it’s a sign to us that we need to fold laundry before the laundry gets out of control again.  Each of us has a tub, my son, my husband and myself.  We also have one for linens and other items that are communal.  I spoke with my husband and son about the new system and explained that everyone is responsible for folding his or her laundry.  I love it when I can find ways to make my life easier!

This is the overflow craft area, which you will have to take my word for, was a disaster.  The gift wrapping area is in there as well.

On the shelving is where the paper area and the canned foods/overflow food area is.  The lower area is where I keep some of the larger knot ugly booth display pieces.

Here is where the Knot Ugly merchandise and other small booth display pieces go.  To the left you can see where the dirty laundry lands from our laundry shoot.

Here you can see the washing and drying area, laundry folding table and the tool area at the right.  To the left just out of view is where the fabric ended up being moved to.  I am hoping to paint this room at some point in the future, but just having a laundry room that is managed is pretty gratifying!

In case you didn’t read my first blog post about this project . . . this post is part of a 31 day challenge I am doing to bring more creativity, stories and solutions to my life.  I have been using my creativity almost exclusively for work in the recent past and for the month of January I will creating things for my personal life, talking about them and taking pictures.I would love input from readers as to which project you enjoy the most and if I get enough comments on one particular project I’ll turn it into a tutorial after the 31 day challenge of crafting, stories and solutions is over.  So please let me know what you like!