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Day 9: 31 Day Challenge – Retro-Modern Head Wrap

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

I have been thinking about a cool head wrap for a while now.  It’s been ruminating and seasoning itself in my mind.  I love it when this happens because it’s as if my hands become the vehicle of creativity.  They know what to do even though I haven’t created the piece before.  This project flowed like that.  The head wrap fell out of my brain, into my hands and was born as this head wrap.

I made this wrap out of a cashmere sweater sleeve and part of an old tank top that still had some useful knit material in it (used for the underside of the wrap).   I stitched it up and when I was done I added some embellishments.

I actually made this for a friend of mine for her Birthday.  Sometimes you meet people and think, where have you been all my life?  Julz Nally is one of those people for me.  We work together on Bargain Hunting, which is a bi-annual indie clearance sale and GIVE handmade Sale, which is a handmade art sale that happens near the holidays and is also a fundraiser for the Oregon Food Bank. Julz is a very talented graphic designer and uses her mad skills in her business, Handmade Julz, but in truth she is good at damned near everything.  She is funny, kind and has a very strong work ethic.  She is a skinny little thing who gets cold a lot and dyes her hair like me.  She’s also a new(ish) mom.  I thought this head wrap would be good for her and for many of us (me included) for a few reasons:

keeping warm and maintaining style
Quick solution to a bad hair day
Hiding gray roots between hair appointments

OK, so I had to test out the head wrap and I didn’t want to give it up, but I did.  Here I am in it.

Day 9: Retro-modern head wrap

I think a huge part of what we like in another person is the image of ourselves reflected in their eyes.  Let’s just say that Julz and I both see the brilliance in one another.  It’s a mutual admiration club, for sure.

Julz is trying on the head wrap for the first time.

Happy Birthday, Julz!

Julz at her Birthday party with her good friend, Jena Coray of Modish.

In case you didn’t read my first blog post about this project . . . this post is part of a 31 day challenge I am doing to bring more creativity, stories and solutions to my life.  I have been using my creativity almost exclusively for work in the recent past and for the month of January I will creating things for my personal life, talking about them and taking pictures.  I would love input from readers as to which project you enjoy the most and if I get enough comments on one particular project I’ll turn it into a tutorial after the 31 day challenge of crafting, stories and solutions is over.  So please let me know what you like!