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Archive for September 17th, 2010

Our prayers have been answered!

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Now you can be Sustainable and Sauced at the same time . . .

Wine vending machines?  Yes please!  These machines now exist in French grocery stores. Bring  your own reusable bottles, or you can get one at the store. Pick your favorite wine red, white, or rosé and fill it up.

This concept was introduced by Astrid Terzian. She started this plan in fall 2008 to be both eco-conscience and thrifty.  Due to the fact that there is so much less packaging the wine can be shipped much more efficiently.

The first machine was installed in June 2009 at the Cora supermarket in Dunkirk and now they can be found in eight supermarkets in France.

Regulations permitting this will come to the US within a year. Word has it that the wine trade industry is working on this concept for the the US as we speak!