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DIY Lunches: Thinking Outside The Lunchbox

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

When times get tough, the tough find ways to reduce their cost of living.  One way to avoiding purchasing your daily lunch out at a restaurant is to do-it-yourself and pack a lunch for work or school.  There are other benefits to packing a lunch, such as the health benefits of knowing what is in your food, how it was prepared and where it came from.   Packing a lunch can be a simple operation if you don’t mind lots of PB&J sandwiches, but for the rest of us it’s nice to have other options.  I purchased these containers from Amazon for my son’s lunches, because he’s a huge fan of rice with soy sauce and I wasn’t sure how I was going to pack such a small quantity of liquid in the containers that I already had.  I am not typically a big advocate of simply throwing money at a problem, but when it comes to lunches having the proper equipment for the job is important, plus, come on, these little containers are so darned cute!  Keeping hot things hot and the cold things cold, using reusable, eco-friendly containers and trying to use containers that are BPA-free are all important parts to having a healthy, tasty lunch.

Here is a cool green option for lunch bags.  These lunch bags are made by Becky Striepe of Glue and Glitter. The great thing about Becky’s lunch bags, in addition to the obvious that these bags are stylish and cool, is that they come with silverware, matching cloth wraps to hold the silverware and this nifty eco-friendly, BPA-free container that has 4 removable containers within the container.  I have purchased this exact bag and can tell you that the quality is great.  If you are the crafty type and you want to DIY your own bag check out this book, in which Becky has a featured pattern.  Sewing lunch bags and other sewn accessories is really just one of Becky’s talents.  Another talent, well, really a passion of her’s is writing about green alternatives to everyday life.  You can find her writings at greenUPGRADER and Care 2 make a difference, where she writes about vegan recipes, green living and so much more.

Now I want to leave you with one final note for inspiration . . . a friend of mine, Cathy Pitters, of Bossa Nova Baby and Crafty Wonderland told me about this awesome site that has inspired her to make authentic bento lunches for her son.  It’s called Just Bento and it’s just amazing!  Every few days the author of the site posts different bento ideas.  If you get really inspired there are all sorts of other sites and stores out there with fun bento ideas including all sorts of bento accessories for making and carrying your bentos in.  Tah tah for now, I’m off to make myself lunch.  All this food talk has made me hungry!

by: jen