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Archive for July 6th, 2010

Online Video Tutorials: Lady-made

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

In case you didn’t already know the two things that DIY Lounge is working on right now are:
1. A craft culture TV show with Richard Fox and Patrick Cummings
2. Affordable online video tutorials with Jenni Brand

So this week I’m putting the final touches on the DIY Lounge video tutorial set.  I’m really excited to be working with Jenni Brand on this project.  She will be the camera person/co-director for this project, which I think is pretty cool.  One reason I am so excited about working with Jenni – in addition to her talent and humor – is that we will be an all female video production team!

Here is a picture of the set at this point.  There is still more to go, but we are getting there.

In case you wondered . . . this is what hope and optimism look like when painted on a wall.

by Jen