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Mango, Strawberry, Grapefruit Margarita + Knitting

Monday, June 28th, 2010

This cocktail is great in the sun or shade with a your favorite knitting project.  I really want to make a couple of knitted screens for my windows in my sewing studio.  Lots of ideas buzzing around as far as what materials to use.  I have a lead on a welding supply that might be the right gauge for knitting.  Now all I need to do is find the time.  If you already have a knit, crochet or other portable project to work on then you can make this recipe and get to making that project.  If you don’t have a project started like me let’s just make a drink and make some lists, while contemplating the gauge, needle size and so forth.

Mango, Strawberry, Grapefruit Margarita + Knitting or other portable crafts

In either a blender or a Magic Bullet blend add:

  • 10-12 pieces of frozen mango (this is sold at Trader Joes)
  • 6 washed strawberries with the tops removed
  • 5 oz of tequila
  • 1.5oz of triple sec
  • 1.5oz lime juice
  • 1/2c grapefruit juice (if you like it weaker add more grapefruit, stronger add less)
  • add 2c ice

Blend in blender until smooth.

Optional: garnish with grapefruit wedge.

Now pick up that knitting project, have a drink and don’t deny your DIY!