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Archive for April 11th, 2010

Crafty Wonderland Mixer

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

You already learned from the last post all the dates and times of the upcoming Crafty Wonderland, so I won’t bore you with the same details.  If you want em, check out the last post before this one.  Otherwise, it’s mixer time . . . So Monday night we went to the Crafty Wonderland Mixer, which was an opportunity for Crafty Wonderland vendors to meet up and talk, snack and drink with other vendors.  It is also an chance for vendors to pick up postcards and posters for the event.  I showed up with my camera in hand and shot some pictures of all the cool kids there.  Here is a picture of Cathy Pitters, one of the creators of Crafty Wonderland.  The other gal who created Crafty Wonderland is Torie Nguyen, but she is not pictured here.  Cathy has another business called Bossa Nova Baby.   Torie also has another business.  She has a jewelry business called Totinette, but she has a day job and a baby so she doesn’t have time to keep up with her etsy store.  Here is a link to her blog.

I showed up early before the crowd arrived.  It was nice to catch up with a few people and have some quality one on one time. I talked with Jen Lees of Mimi Muse and Jackie Imdahl of  Scrumptious Suds.  They are like best friends or something because they are always together.  Both women make amazing handmade items worth checking out.

Everyone was in such a good mood, chatting and sharing with each other.  Oh yeah, the delicious cocktails made at the Bakery Bar didn’t hurt either.  Here is a crowd shot of the night. The folks smiling in the foreground are Jocelyn Barda, one of the owners of Bakery Bar and my co-host for the DIY Lounge TV show, Richard Fox. Richard and I will be at Crafty Wonderland with our partner Patrick Cummings filming all the haps on May 1st and 2nd.  Come by our booth and introduce yourself!  We always love to make new friends!

Isaac Watson, of Focal Length Designs and part of the I Heart Art Portland Etsy Team, showed up and promptly stole my seat, but I didn’t mind.  I was in mingle mode.  I love to see boys in the craft scene.  We need more of them.  Come out come out where every you are, all you crafty boys!  I finally got to meet Amy Wing of Amy Wing Designs.  I know her work and her business, but some how I haven’t actually met her face to face, but as you can see for yourself she is yet another super cute artist.  We have a lot of them here in Portland Oregon.  Amy makes one of a kind hand-crafted Jewelry that  I would call, gorgeous and nature inspired.  Her work is as sexy as the pose she is striking at the right.  One of the unfortunate things about having a busy craft business is that you can’t always meet all the folks that you are working with at craft sales and such, because there just isn’t time.  This is why mixers like the one that Cathy and Torie hosted are so important.  It allows all of us busy self employed folks the opportunity to have “co-workers” and “water cooler” conversations that we wouldn’t have otherwise.

Below is Cathy’s son Levi.  Levi is an artist and business person too, even though he is only in middle school.  His business is call Aliens and Afros.  I haven’t checked out his work in a while, but in the past he was very interested in campy and kitschy pop culture, such as Mr T and Peewee Herman.  Here he is at the mixer doing his homework. I did a cool photo effect on his pic because he is such a cool kid.

All and all, I would say this was another fun night for Port-Craft-Land.  Oh that’s good, I’m gonna use that again in the future!!

Thanks for the good time Crafty Wonderland and Bakery Bar!

By Jen