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The Budding Software Designer’s Dream Site

~ Photoshop ~ Dreamweaver ~ Illustrator ~ Flash ~

For some these words strike fear and for some we are unable to understand how we were able to survive without them.  Either way, we all possess differing levels of expertise with one or more of these programs.

I have been having my own issues of late with Dreamweaver, Adobe’s Internet Design Software, while working on my other site, Sinister Concept.

My days have been going something like this:

* Open up Dreamweaver

* Spend 30 minutes surfing the internet for inspiration

* Wondering whether or not I can create a site that is attractive, well designed and interesting to viewers

* Shutting down Dreamweaver ūüôĀ

Does this sound familiar? ¬†Do you open up Photoshop Elements to manipulate that image you want to use in your next mixed media project only to have it overwhelm you? ¬†Do you also want to save some money by designing your own website but don’t think you have the chops?

Well fret no more, Loungers. ¬†Do I have a site for you? It’s called TutVid ( and it’s taken me to a whole new level with with all of the Adobe software programs. ¬†Best of all, it’s FREE!

Nathaniel, the host is amazing, his Tuts are broken into bite sized pieces and range from Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.  Whether or not you are just beginning to use these softwares, want to learn some new image manipulation tricks, or design a basic two-column website, this is the place to be.

As a primarily right-brained person, I find it easier to learn a new skill by following others. ¬†You would think the web, YouTube, etcetera would be full of tutorials designed for these issues but their not. ¬†TutVid is easily the best I’ve found.

So stop procrastinating and get to learning. TutVid

Craftily Yours,


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