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I have been a make and take machine recently

Probably most people know what a make and take is, but in case you don’t it is usually a free craft project that is available for the public to make and then take home.

Have you have ever seen the Charlie Chaplin movie Modern Times, where he goes crazy from working really long hours in a factory turning a wrench? Then when he gets off of work he cannot put down the wrench and tries to turn it on everything including buttons on a woman’s dress. Well, this might be me, although my work involves glue, glitter and sequence. If you see a tired woman frantically crafting as she is walking down the street or shopping in the grocery store this is probably me. I have been a make and take machine recently!

Here is a picture of me at the Union Rose 1 yr anniversary party making matchbox shrines:


I think I am permanently sick of this project, but people really connect with this one. It is a really good project for a wide variety of ages, so I continue to do it.

Here are other people’s shrines:


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