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Archive for August 7th, 2008

Jodie Cord – Encaustics Intensive class

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

You may have come by collage on Alberta and smelled the unmistakable smell of melted beeswax–when you do feel free to peek into the classroom!  Below are images of students, some are beginners and some have come to sharpen their skills.  As you can see they are made some FABULOUS pieces!  There is so much to explore with Encaustic that a week hardly seems like enough–but they crammed in all the art making and had fun in the process:)



The Collaged pieces  (chair, boat, etc.) belongs to “Carol”


Three little character (one is a crocodile) pictures, and the  Landscapes with a woman and a flower on her head all belong to “Lei”


The three landscape pieces of art also created by “Lei”


“Maureen” working on several pieces with an open book in the picture.


One of three pieces by “Nell.”


“Nell” again, holding a transfer in-process of a star image.

Jodie’s encaustic classes:  Working with Wax 2: Basic Painting with Was (Encaustic Painting) , and Working with Wax 3: Stencils and Transfers and Molds, Oh My!

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