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Terrific Teachers!

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

We had a teacher meeting Monday night and I just have to say, Wow! What an incredible group of people! We met for a couple of reasons: mainly just to meet and hang out with each other, but also to share ideas on marketing, new class ideas and future projects! Below is a picture of all of the teachers who came to our meeting with links to their upcoming classes.


Left to Right: Peter Vaughan Shaver, Christine Claringbold, Dawn Sorem, Jen Neitzel, Jenny Wells, Ivy Ross, Lorna Nakell, Diane Gilleland, Nicole Cipriano, Bridget Benton, Scott Sutton and Torie Nguyen

More Information On DIY Lounge Teachers – Teacher Feature

Sunday, June 1st, 2008

Did you know that DIY Lounge has several accomplished and great teachers; some with art degrees, some with degrees in writing or business? All have several years of life experiences in their field of expertise and are working artists and crafts people. They are doing interesting things like making their own paint, clothes and cards and selling their art at craft fairs or in galleries. Because we thought you might like to find out more about our teachers we have created a new newsletter segment called “Teacher Feature.”

For this Teacher Feature we would like to introduce you to:
Scott Sutton

Scott is a new teacher here at DIY Lounge. He teaches DIY Paint: Make your own paints -1-Traditional Mineral Paints and DIY Paint: Make your own paints – 2 – Modern Synthetic Paints. Born in Corvallis in the mid-seventies, he currently lives in Portland, OR. He received his BFA in painting from OSU. His teaching experience includes printmaking and painting workshops at the Oregon College of Arts and Crafts, OSU, and Marysville Elementary School. His exhibition history includes venues such as Corvallis Art Center, Corvallis, OR, All Points Gallery, Prado, NM and Portland’s own Mark Woolley Gallery.

In 2007 Scott founded the Arterialist in hopes of creating an organization that embraces the art of all cultures. Arterialist’s focus is on understanding the roots of the creative process where culture, history, and the natural environment are at the center. Scott is currently working on a project in which he will involve local artists in the process of creating art using pigments he has mined from the earth. His plan is to have the project culminate in a group exhibition of the artworks created.

To find out more about Scott Sutton visit his web site: