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Art Beat Rocks!

I had such a great time teaching people how to make DIY Sweater People at Art Beat. Instead of telling you about this event I want to show you how awesome it was. Here are students on various campuses:

Let the crafting begin!



Some of these people barely spoke English, but the universal language of creativity allowed us to communicate just fine.


Is it just me, or do these folks look a little like proud parents? Once people had completed these little cuties, I start to feel that my role had changed from art teacher to matchmaker or an adoption



Look at the little dejected guy below. I really love him. He looks like some early man version of these sweater people.




I had all of these sweater people pre-cut into specific animal. The critter below was originally a cat, but his creator turned him into a pig. Cute huh?


The guy below made one of the most unique little people. It started out an owl and at some point he cut something out that looked like a mustache and was like, “I am going with this!” Then he added a cowboy hat too.


Both of these guys were the first ones to show up and were totally stoked on the project. Neither were were proficient sewers, but I told them that was not an obstacle. I think the guy below’s doll is about the sweetest thing I have ever seen. You know how sometimes dolls are portrayed as evil, like in movies or stories? I think this one could get away with murder. Who would suspect such an angelic little guy?


The girl below made a robot with all the little controls and gadgets on his tummy and notice that in her hand she has also fashioned a scarf for her robot in case it is a cool day (See what I mean? What a great mama!)


And last but not least . . .


I am so glad I was asked to participate in this event again this year. What a great time!

If you are interested in making your own DIY Sweater People we now offer this class at the lounge.  Click here to see this class 

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