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Archive for April 7th, 2008

It’s about time . . .

Monday, April 7th, 2008

I really wanted to post earlier, but I have been so busy over the last week that there hasn’t been a spare moment to write anything. Here is a brief overview. Weekend before last DIY Lounge was filmed by OPB’s Oregon Art Beat, which was so great. The executive producer, Jessica Martin interviewed Nicole Cipriano and I. They also filmed Nicole’s woodblock class. It was to great to even talk about with the same old words I always use. It was better than great, cool, rad, amazing and awesome put together. Here are a couple of images. The first is of Nicole and myself and a picture of the woodblock students getting their crafty groove on:

nicole and Jen

woodblock students

Here are some images of finished woodblock prints made by the students in this class:



The majority of the the students in this class said they weren’t artists and considered themselves beginners. Totally amazing – especially for novices, don’t you think?

So, after I was filmed by OPB, I was filmed again last Monday for an independent local show called Pirate Satelite TV.

I did a demo on t-shirt reconstruction, turning two old t-shirts into a cute, sexy tank top. As if that weren’t enough to write about I also went away last weekend to the Craft Congress! It was so wonderful. I met so many incredible people and I have so many new ideas. I will have pictures and stories to share, but I need to wait until I have a little more time to write about this.

Weekly Tips from Teachers

Monday, April 7th, 2008

Teacher: Lorna Nakell from The Art of Exhibiting 101

Tip #1

Handling Rejection:
Being an artist can be difficult in many ways. For some of the students in my class the hardest part is just putting themselves “out there.” Artists can get very attached to the art they are making. The art often becomes a very personal expression. As one student put it, her work is very “precious.” So, of course, the thought of having the general public scrutinize it and potentially reject it is not something she relishes having to do. To a professional artist this can be a dilemma seeing as it is your job to continue putting your art out into the world for all to see.

Here is one strategy I use for managing rejection:
1) Although you may end up with a full folder of rejection letters don’t allow yourself to get discouraged. You have to keep thinking positively. Eventually you will have a file of acceptance letters as well. When you get an acceptance letter post it up on your wall as a reminder that you are on the right track and doing a good job.
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