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Weekly Tips From Teachers

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

Tip #4 How to get along with your camera from Teresa Sullivan of Photographing your Craftwork

If you have a digital camera, there is no such thing as wasted film. The best thing to do is to take a bunch of pictures of—anything, whether it’s a person, a tree, or your artwork. Do a bunch at the automatic settings until you get bored. Don’t delete any pictures until you load them onto your computer. You want to see the good, the bad and the ugly, not just the good. Download the images and see if you like them. You can always delete them from the computer; it’s good if you have some idea as to why that image stinks. Make a folder of the images and mark it “auto settings” or something to that effect.

Then keep the camera on auto and take pictures of your work. Shoot on a sunny day outside in the sun, on a sunny day outside in the SHADE (it will look different than in the sun), on an overcast day outside, on a rainy day on the porch, inside with flash, inside without flash, etc. To keep track of which is which, take a scrap piece of paper and write “sunny day in the shade” or whatever applies, since when you download the images you’ll want to know which is which. Keep a file of unaltered, un-photoshopped images, and copy the file so you can play with altering/improving the copies and compare to the originals.

Send the pictures to your friends and family on their computers, and look at the images on their computers, if possible. You’ll get a feel for how much a color can change just from being shown on a different monitor.

If you want to continue discovering what your camera can do, take it off the auto setting and turn the dial around to other settings. You won’t waste film, so you have nothing to lose. If you want to know what setting produced which image, include the scrap paper with the setting written on it in the image itself. If you have a great looking image you’ll be glad to know how you got it so you can do it again.

There’s nothing like actually taking your camera out and clicking the shutter to de-mystify it. Do this before you read the online forums on cameras and helpful stuff. Look up your camera and tips on cameras online AFTER you fool around with your camera—now that you’ve become a bit familiar with it, the information you read will make more sense. You’ll get specific questions answered that you thought of when you were experimenting.

So much to do!

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Okay so truth be told I am barely staying on task right now by doing the blog thang. I have 3 pages on my to do list and the least painful is blogging. I am in the midst of restructuring lots of things with DIY Lounge. I am outgrowing many of the systems that I put in place when I began DIY. I find myself vacilating between excitement at all of the great new things that are happening and feeling stressed about all the things I need to do to make everything work.

The new store on Woodstock is slated to open on May 19th with an official grand opening party on May 31st. We will begin classes at the new location in July. I still have a ton of new teachers in “the hopper” that I will be adding on the schedule in the very near future. One of them is a stained glass and mosaic artist so we will have those as classes in the near future!

So completely unrelated to what I am talking about, I just got a hair cut and I love it! I go to see Beth at Nurture salon. Here tagline is stylist to the stars which is both funny and adorable. Here is a picture of me with my new do! It might be hard to see but it is longer in the front and really short in the back (sort of bob style with length in the front).

new do 2

You know how in the old time movies and cartoons the “sexy ladies” would sort of fluff their hair in the back to appear more attractive? I used to think, who would do that? Please note that in almost every picture I am doing that. So who would do that? Me! With a sassy new do.

new do 3

There I go with the hand again.

new do 4

I have a smirky, up to something look on my face here, which is true. I am always up to something. Right now I am so hot to trot on reconstructed sweaters and sweatshirts. I can’t stop thinking about them. I want to make them so bad! I need to get a little more caught up and then watch out world, because I am dead serious here! I have this feeling in my hands and chest that I feel certain will only go away by making reconstructed clothing. It is a deep yearning to do this and do this now. I plan to make up some new duds for my other business Knot Ugly Designs and also to teach a how to reconstruct your wardrobe series at DIY Lounge. As a matter of fact I need to go and work on that a little right now! Chat later!

Weekly Tips From Teachers

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Tip # 3 From Kirby and Pam Harris of DIY Wedding Photography

A checklist makes capturing a wedding a breeze

For the family member and/or friend who are planning to take on the job of photographing a wedding for another family member or friend it is strongly recommended that you put together a checklist of times and events so that the bride will not have to think about which photos she will want you to take on her wedding day. She will be busy with many other details and with a checklist you will be in a better position to capture the important events of the day.